Cooling System Service

engine repairYour car’s radiator is a very important part of your vehicle’s engine. The function of a car’s radiator is simple – to cool down your engine. It helps keep your engine cool by getting rid of unwanted heat from the engine into the air around you. Garage Guys specializes in diagnosing and repairing a number of common and minor issues with cooling systems including radiator leaks caused by weathering.

Hose clamps that secure your radiator can become loose due to the expansion and contraction of the radiator in response to changes in temperature. When this happens, coolant leaks can occur and you might not know it.


  • Temperature gauge fluctuates
  • Antifreeze/coolants puddles under your vehicle
  • Grinding sounds under the hood
  • Steam or syrupy smell coming from the engine area

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Coolant System Flush

From Acuras to Volvos and everything in between, We’ve got the factory-specific fluid for your vehicle. In the process, we’ll get rid of any corrosion and break down the acidic level of your vehicle’s coolant. Garage Guys Automotive uses BG products for all performance maintenance services.

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