Transmission Services

Don't forget to change your vehicle's transmission fluid. Changing your transmission's fluid is just like changing your engine's oil. A transmission's insides become mighty dirty over time. The fluid breaks down and needs to be changed to prevent the failure of your transmission. Changing the fluid lubricates, cools and cleans your transmission.

Transmission Flush and Fluid Change

Vehicle manufacturers recommend a transmission flush and fluid change should happen regularly. The Guys know when your vehicle is due for service.

Transmission Flushes

A Garage Guys Automotive transmission flush service uses specifically designed equipment that connects to your transmission. With the use of special chemicals it safely flushes out most of the old fluid and contaminants. Fresh transmission fluid pumped in along with special conditioners revitalizes and seals O Rings and seals of your automatic transmission. Expect a 90% new fluid transfer rate. Garage Guys Automotive uses BG products for all performance maintenance services.

Learn what BG Products can do for your transmission.

Bg Products Transmission
Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Services
  Leaking fluid
  Check engine light on
  Engine over revving when changing gears
  Engine revs but vehicle doesn't accelerate
  Rough or harsh shifts

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