Keep Your Engine Cool

Nothing is worse than being stranded on the side of the road with steam coming from your engine. Don't let the Texas heat put a damper on your engine. Garage Guys Automotive offers a coolant system flush to make sure your vehicle's engine is at the right operating temperature.

Coolant System Flush

From Acuras to Volvos and everything in between, We've got the factory specific fluid for your vehicle. In the process we'll get rid of any corrosion and break down the acidic level of your vehicle's coolant. Garage Guys Automotive uses BG products for all performance maintenance services.

Learn what BG Products can do for your cooling system.

Warning Costly Repairs Ahead

If your engine constantly overheats you can expect warped cylinder heads, blown head gaskets or total engine failure. Preventative maintenance and inspection of your cooling system can be beneficial to your vehicle and your wallet.

Signs Your Car Needs Cooling System Services
  Temperature gauge fluctuates
  Antifreeze/coolants puddlse under your vehicle
  Grinding sounds under the hood
  Steam or syrupy smell coming from the engine area

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